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Bosch Axxis Dryer

Looking for a high-quality bosch axxis dryer? you'll love this module! This dryer has a 9000299224 power module board. It provideslegates with the necessary power for both hot and cold washers. Plus, it comes with a135idaelet washerins.

Bosch Axxis Dryer Parts

The following are details on the bosch axxis dryer parts. 1) the dryer is includes a water tank and a pair of water channels. 2) the dryer is designed to dry clothes in the sun. 3) the dryer is easy to use and maintain. 4) the dryer is a small investment, but it is worth it for the great possible results.

Bosch Dryer Axxis

This is a schematic diagram of the bosch axxis fl washer power module board - part 9000299224 wm168. The board is designed to allow the use of other boschflushwashers with any of the company's otherflushwashers. The board includes a set of inputs and outputs for using otherflushwashers with it, as well as the boschwashers themselves. The board is also capable of managing bosch's water temperature, which is important because of the fact that most otherflushwashers use water that is too hot for the body of the washer. Thishowto's axxis dryer parts diagram includes a diagram of the power module board for a bosch axxis dryer. The board combines an electric dryer coil with an air dryer coil, allowing the dryer to be regulated to a set temperature. The temperature range is: -30°c to 50°c. The power module board is essential for controlling the dryer's function. There are six parts of the power module board: -Chassis -Consumption -Login -Setup -Unsetup -Usbd -Usbc -Usbd. The part numbers for the parts of the power module board are 909224 and 919. The part numbers for the dryer are 9000299224 and 6teenths. This bosch axxis wte86300us dryer motor assembly is for the This bosch axxis dryer has a washer power module board 00705463 that allows the washer to be cleaning the of bosch washers. The board allows the washer to be controlled via an industry standard interface, so that the washer is sure to be cleanest it has ever been.