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Dryer Extension Cord

Introducing a first-rate solution for your dryer: the Extension cord! This 30-cord version of the popular Dryer wiring kit gives you more power and is splendid for dryers with up to 30 iowa-based appliances, the 10-30 p to 6-50 r is for dryers with more than 30 appliances, and as well an unequaled alternative for folks with a Dryer that doesn't have the power to accept an Extension cord. This Extension Cord is for dryers with alarms, which need to be turned off when they're no longer needed.

220 Volt Extension Cord For Dryer

This 10-30 p to 10-30 r 3 prong Extension Cord is for use with dryers older than 10 years old, it is again waterproof up to 30 feet. It imparts a three-prong type design and is packed with power for a heavy breaker, this 10 ft Dryer Extension Cord is length-wise and color-wise different. It renders a black and red design and is long enough to reach from the Dryer to the outlet, the Extension Cord is color-lysable with a push-button to gaz system. This 10 ft Dryer Extension Cord is enticing for lovers with a Dryer that needs to be accessible from the outlet, this Dryer power Cord Extension is for the 3 prong dryer. It goes between the Dryer and the Cord management system, it extends an 3 prong configuration and is about 10 feet long. It is fabricated of heavy-duty materials and can handle high power currents, this 10-foot long Extension Cord is exquisite for powering another individual Dryer in the home, or multiple ones in a house. It is heavy-duty cable and terrific for use in more wet, conducive areas.