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Flying Pig Dryer

The Flying Pig Dryer is a terrific substitute to dry your pet dogs out fresh and digging great, the Dryer is high velocity and features an oven type heating system which will dry your pet dogs up good and feel sweet and warm. The Flying Pig Dryer is conjointly peerless for cats too.

Flying Pig Dryer Amazon

The Flying Pig Dryer is valuable for dryers with high velocity - it can dry dogs very quickly and easily, the Dryer grants a heating element that keep the dog's hair wet and soft, making it look better than wet. The Dryer also gives a Dryer heat up to 350 degrees fahrenheit which will dry your dog's hair in a very short time, the Flying Pig Dryer is an unequaled tool for dryer-dries your furry friends. This technology helps keep their fur clean and healthy, the high- velocity technology means that your pet can get the they need. The Flying Pig is a practical tool for any pet, just give it 4 minutes to dry the Pig and it will stop working. The Flying Pig Dryer is a high-velocity dog Dryer that features a heater to give you the power to dry your dogs quickly and easily, the Dryer also features a Flying Pig that can help keep things moving.