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Ge Dryer Bulb

This is a top-notch deal on a replacement light Bulb for your Ge clothes dryer, the Bulb is furthermore compatible with the and models.

We4m305 Replacement Ge Dryer Light Bulb Lamp 120v 10 Watt

This is a replacement light Bulb for a Ge clothes dryer, it is 120 v 10 watt and works with the phone app to turn the light on and off. The Ge Dryer Bulb lamp is an 10 watt 120 v 1-78 clear Ge Dryer light Bulb lamp, this product is for the Ge Dryer with the nokia led light bulb. This is a warranty replacement Bulb for the Ge clothes dryer, it is not a new product. This Bulb is for the it is an 4 light Bulb and will change the amount of light in your Dryer from 3 to 4, the 10 watt Ge Dryer Bulb is a replacement for the general electric Dryer bulb. It is fabricated with durable glass and plastic materials, and it approvals as per the following: distance between the light and the evaporator, number of condensing houses, number of Dryer degrees on the top, number of on the top.