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Handy Hannah Hair Dryer

The handy hannah hair dryer is a classic piece of art that is currently available in retro style. This dryer is useful for dry hair at home or in the salon. The dryer is also non-toxic and has a wood handle making it easy to take with you wherever you go.

Vtg Handy Hannah Hair Dryer Mint Green 1950's Retro Hot & Cold Works Beauty
vintage handy hannah hair dryer
VTG Handy Hannah Hair Dryer Chrome Stand Retail Breck Display Box Prop Works
Vintage Retro 1950's HANDY HANNAH Chrome Electric Hair Dryer Wood Handle

Vintage Retro 1950's HANDY HANNAH

By Standard Products Corporation


Antique Baby Blue Handy Hannah Hair Dryer
Handy Hannah 1950's Electric Hair Dryer Display NIB
Vintage Handy Hannah Hair Dryer Heat Controlled By Standard Prod.Whitman Mass.

Antique Hair Dryer

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Vintage Dryer

This vintage handy hannah dryer is a light green model 695 and known to produce high quality dry air on your hair. It has a contour arm for a more natural looking line and a curl arm for a more frizzled style. The electric dryer also features a timer and a set power up time. The handy hannah is sure save your time and get your hair looking of the best with this electric dryer. this hand-me-up from hannah is a old-school hair dryer with onoff switches and a hot and cold temperature. It's value for money is open-source, so you can see how it works in action. the handy hannah hair dryer is a great beauty tool for dryning out your hair. It comes in a mint green years retro hot, cold works beauty type. The dryer is great forampooing or dryning out your hair. this vintage hair dryer is a great option for those looking for an affordable and versatile option. The handiesthmah hair dryer is a reliable and fast option that is perfect for dryning out your hair.