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Propane Dryer

The Propane Dryer conversion kit from whirlpool is a sensational surrogate to add a bit of Propane to your home Dryer system, this kit includes parts that you can add your own alternative to increase the performance of your dryer. The kit also includes an indicator light to help you tell when the Propane is running out.

Propane Dryers

The Propane Dryer conversion kit is an essential piece of kit for new oem whirlpool Dryer models that will be starting out about $2, 000 a month in price, this kit enables you to operate Propane as the sole fuel for your dryer, saving you money and improving efficiency. The lpkit-4 is a natural gas Dryer that is new factory certified, it features a large capacity Dryer air system that can handle the increased Dryer power needs. The Dryer also features a water spray arm that can dry hair with ease, the lpkit-4 is also environmentally friendly and gives a black powder free design. The Propane washer and Dryer is a first-class substitute to increase your home's fuel economy, by converts your natural gas Dryer to liquid propane, you can boost your home's energy usage. The whirlpool 49572 a conversion kit gives you the ability to handle Propane in your home for fuel, without the environmental wastefulness of a traditional dryer, the Propane clothes Dryer is an outstanding way for people digging for a new Dryer that uses Propane as the fuel. This kit comes with a tool to convert berkley k-select Propane Dryer to lp, so you can start using your Dryer with Propane in it, the Propane clothes Dryer comes with a tool to convert berkley k-select Propane Dryer to lp.