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Whirlpool Gas Dryer Ignitor Not Glowing

This is a top-of-the-heap led lighting Ignitor for your depending appliances that is compatible with Whirlpool maytag kenmore this Ignitor will help you to get a better light show on your Gas Dryer when it is time to dry the clothes.

Whirlpool Gas Dryer Ignitor Not Glowing Amazon

This is a discontinued product, and we do Not carry it anymore, if you have a Whirlpool kenmore 279311 Gas dryer, you may be hunting for a new ignitor. If you need one now, we have a variety of other items to choose from, including the Whirlpool Gas Dryer ignitor, this product extends been unavailable for a while, so it may be a time to replace it. This is a glow bar for a Whirlpool Gas dryer, it is replaced by an ignitor. The Ignitor is a grayish color and renders a light in the top left corner, the light becomes a glow when the Ignitor is hot. The Ignitor should Not be in the water as this will cause the light to light up, the Ignitor glow bar is a sterling way to make your Gas Dryer more lithe and brighter. It fits many Whirlpool maytag Gas dryers, the bar is fabricated of durable plastic and offers a bright, aglow light. The bar is uncomplicated to adopt and is adjustable to tailor any dryer, the glow bar is a high-quality, durable igniter that standard Whirlpool models require us to turn on to glow the Gas dryer. The wand is carefully designed to look like the kenmore 279311 and is specifically designed to make sure the Dryer is lit and ready for use, the bar is again carefully designed to be programmable, so you can track how often the Dryer is on and can be set to glow when you start the dryer.